Photo by Sine Nielsen

The Copenhagen-based artist duo Randi and Katrine have worked collaboratively since 2004. Their works are a result of their common interest in combining architecture, objects and narration, and a fascination with monumental scale installations in which a dynamic exchange with the viewer and a specific space are emphasized.Anthropomorphic houses, artificial gardens, mechanical ships and vernacular architecture are recurrent themes in their large-scale works.

 The artists have made a number of site-specific installations and Public sculptures around the world; including a Cigar as a smoking pavilion, aTeapot garden house, a pinewood forest-themed playground.a large scale Lantern and a Voliere for public school playgrounds a complete makeover of the Danish public ferry - M/F Ærøskøbing and a Pinecone pavilion for the sculpture garden of Ordrupgaard

The artist has made a number of large museum exhibitions and participated in the Sydney Biennale in 2014. Their Public work on the Ferry M/F Ærøskøbing was selected a one of the top50 public artworks in Denmark by the Danish Club and i 2023 they were awarded the TH. Bindesbøll Medal, for creating artwork with a function in unexpected places   

Photo right: Randi Jørgensen b. 1974 in Kolding, Denmark,
MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 2005.

Photo left: Katrine Malinovsky b. 1976 in Hillerød, Denmark 
MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art 2005.