Permanent Public Art 2021

Commisioned by NærHeden P/S

Site: Skoleparken, 2640 Hedehusene in the park next to Læringshuset and Springcenter Nærheden.

Art and Playground: Voliere is a sculptural pavilion and climbing tower situated en the public park designed by landscape Architects 1:1 Landscape. Voliere is approved for childrens play.

About: A large scale birdcage - A Voliere - is placed in the public park. But this Voliere is not for rare birds, but rather for local children whom are willingfully cages for a short period of time, while playing here. They might be caged, but they also have the freedom climb up and have an overview of the park.As a pavilion Voliere functions like one of the Follies of the 18th century romantic gardens, though this one is set in the green contemporary park in the new suburbian area Nærheden.

Material Painted Steel, outdoor climbing net.

Measurements: L 3,5 m x W 3,5 m x H 6 m

Production in collaboration with: Smededesign, Jørgen Nielsen Rådgivende Ingeniører and Strandbynet.

Accessibility: The Voliere is placed in a puclic park, open all year round.

Photo: Torben Petersen