Pinecone Pavilion

Art Park Ordrupgaard

In Art Park Ordrupgaard you can experience artworks by contemporary art superstars – created specifically for Ordrupgaard and with the surrounding nature and Ordrupgaard’s French impressionist collection in mind. A little more than four meters tall pinecone called Pinecone Pavilion – created especially for the park, is our addition to Art Park Ordrupgaard. The work is placed in a small clearing, behind trees and brushwood, as a hidden surprise, that reveals itself to the visitor. The pavilion is surrounded by pine trees and small fallen pinecones.
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Materials: Painted wood, copper, iron, acrylic glass, concrete foundation, stepping stones and mulch.
Measurements: 425X240x270 cm
Art Park Ordrupgaard
Vilvordevej 110
DK-2920 Charlottenlund

Supported by: af 15. Juni Fonden

The Danish Art Workshops

Photos below by: Andreas Omvik