Macaw & Macaw

Installation as a meeting space at Gl Strands Montana Room

During 2018 and 2019Commisioned by Gl Strand

Site. Kunstforeningen Gl Strand, The Motana Room
The Montana Room is a meeting space at Gl Strand. For the last 10 years, a variety of established Danish artists and designers have been asked to create installations in The Montana Room, making it an inspiring setting for meetings of any kind.

: Cardboard, foam, ardex, keim paint, mirror, chain, light, Montana Chairs and the setting of the space Surported by: The Danish Arts Council and Montana

Collection: The installation is part of The New Carlsberg Foundation, purchased in 2019, and are lend out to public institutions, latest at the Institute of Culture in central Copenhagen.

With Macaw & Macaw we try to challenges the fixed roles of the meeting space. Two birds a bit larger than a humanseize and modeled over Hyacinth Macaw parrots, which are known for their marvelous blue plumage, are sitting at the meeting table. The meetingroom is arranged with mirror, sitting stick and other accessories. Objects which are traditionally a part of a human made habitat for birds, are now integrated in the meeting room. While one of the Macaws towers in its chair at the end of the table, and the other is bending forward listening, they both make a comment and intertwine in the social culture and hierarchies of the meeting culture. the meeting room is a staged universe where meeting participants can be surprised by the intrusive and mischievous presence of the birds and reconsider the roles of the meeting situation. And as two seats are already taken they might even change the dynamic of the meeting

Photo: David Stjernholm

copyright Randi & Katrine