Permanent Museum Installation 2022

Commisioned by: Ordrupgaard Museum
Site: Ordrupgaard Museum, Vilvordevej 110, 2920 Charlottenlund
Supported by: Konsul George Jorck og Hustru Emma Jorck’s Fond
Material: Wood, paint, plexiglass, towels, light, zinc
Measurements: variable
Production in collaboration Kurtzweil A/S, Cisse Bomholt Christiansen, Basil Salomon Helfenstein and on a rescidency at the Danish Art Workshops SVKH

Ordrupgaard about Villapük:  
In a playful and cunning way, Randi & Katrine have recreated the large manor house Ordrupgaard from 1918 in mini format. Villapük can best be described as an oversize doll’s house resembling a small version of Ordrupgaard. In Villapük, everything is child-size and children can play at the kitchen table in the old serving pantry and peep into the elegant living rooms. The title references the founding couple, Wilhelm and Henny Hansen who, besides being ardent art collectors, were passionately engaged in the contemporary artificial language Volapük. With Villapük, Randi & Katrine have created a fairy-tale world that reflects reality but is nevertheless full of surprises.
Villapük primarily addresses children aged three to ten, but children and adults of any age are welcome to take a look into the imaginative and fabulous installation, unlocking new ideas of Ordrupgaard. The installation is located in the children’s room in Zaha Hadid’s building.

Photo: Paul Skovbakke and Randi & Katrine