Tims Parrot

Exhibition: "Jylland at Jylland - The Arts gets onboard"
Online Catalogue
Site: The Fregate Jylland, The Gun Deck

The Artist Association Jylland have embarked on Fregatten Jylland and have created various artworks in dialogue with the ship, its interior design and history. The works are spread around and placed in the areas where the artists have found their inspiration.
Tims Parrot is 1of 3 artworks made for the exhibition and installed in the small supply of the Orlop Deck.

Tims Parrot, 2019.: There are some stories that sailors sometimes brought parrots home from tropical places; both as a companion and as a souvenir from foreign destinations. It did not happen without conflicts, and parrots was sometimes ordered under deck by the captain. Partly hidden in a small supply room next to the surgical room, the audience met an overseized parrot lying on the floor with its legs in the air. Perhaps it has been drinking from the golden liquid in the rum barrel, which constituted the only anaestetic during the painful operations and treatments of the crew?
The title refers to ther story of the real Tim and his parrot Mac, we found in the archive of CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military museum

Materials: Cardboard, foam, Wood, Ardex, Keim Paint
Seize: The Seize of the parrot is approximately L180cm xW 70 cm x H 100 cm. various small feathers lenght from 10-50 cm

Photo: Sonic Jensen og Gert Petersen