The Clam Box - Come Back to Pleasure

Solo Exhibition at Gl. Holtegaard 2013.

The clam is very much an icon of the rococo period and the pictorial world of the 18th century that also gave rise to the country house of Gl. Holtegaard. As an image of the feminine and mysterious, the clam has now been updated to present-day everyday culture by the artists in the form of a take-away box of mammoth proportions, lined with thousands of clam shells.

Supported by
: The Danish Arts Foundation

Produced at Danish Art Workshops

Photo: Jan Søndergaard

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Installation View from The Garden Pavillion, Gl Holtegaard: Title "The Clam Box".
Materials:painted Mdf and iron, Abelone shells, Blue Mussel Shells. Dimensions:Height: 3,5 meters Width top: 4 meters Depth top 4 meters

Installation view from inside "The Clam Box", The inside of the box is decorated with Abelone and Blue Mussel Shells

Front View of "The Clam Box" and View trough the window of the box

Installation View - The FirePlace Room. Works: "For My Darling" and "Come Back to Pleasure"

Title: " For My Darling" (Sailors Valentine). Materials: Painted Mdf and lasercut Carton, various Sea shells. Dimensions: 80x80x25 cm

Title: "Come Back to Pleasure" (Sailors Valentine). Materials: Mdf, lasercut Carton, Plexiglass sticks, Various Sea Shells

Title: Dora Maar. Materials: Large Conch, wood modelhand painted, Sea Shells, mdf. Dimensions: 30x25x25 cm

Installation View - The Virgins Chamber: Work titled: "Greetings": Large Coney Island inspired Postcard. Materials: painted mdf relief infront of flatscreen with a videoloop of a Ocean/waves. Dimensions: 120x100x30 cm

Installation View from the Gallary. Title "Hedge". Materials: Styroporballs painted, cardboard, Model Gravel, Mdf, LED Light, Dimensions: Height: 190 cm Length 700 cm Width 83 cm

Installation view "Hedge". View through the main Axis of the "Hedge" and the main axis of the Building onto "Greetings" in the virgin Chamber

Installation View. View through "Hedge" to the Outdoor Barouque Garden of Gl Holtegaard


Detail of Hedge -Painted Styropor balls

Title "An Inland Voyage". Materials: Iron, Cardboard, Rivets, Frosted Acrylic Glass, Light, Motor. Dimensions: Height 300 cm Diameter: 200 cm

Zoetrop on Display table/Podium. Title: "The Coat Hanger Girl". Materials: Painted Cardboard and Wood, Conches, motor. Dimensions: Zoetrope Diamter 57 cm, Height 49 cm, 16 frames. Table Diameter 90 cm Height 85cm. On top Octagonal Podium: Height 10 cm, Diameter 88 cm

"The Coat Hanger Girl" - Detail shot

Title: "Cabaret". Materials: painted wall, Mdf, Placuna Rosa Shells, Styropor Balls. Dimensions: Diameter 80 cm, Depth 7 cm