The Garden

Permanent Public Art Commision 2018

Site: Psychiatric Hospital for children, AUH, Palle Juul Jensens Boulevard 175 Indgang K, 8200 Aarhus N

Commissioned by Region midtjylland and KPC Byg
The Art startegy was deveoloped by Insitu in collaboration with Architects and Professional staff.

About: For the new hospital for child and Adolescent Psychiatry, we have designed an outdoor Garden and activity space that gives children aged 0-13 with mental disorders and developmental disorders the opportunity to play and relax in an open, non-institutional environment, while at the Hospital.. The project is based on tree sculptures: The Hillman, The Waterman and the Bonfireman - differently designed asplay/activity houses that communicate with the surroundings in new ways. With the Romantic garden as a model, culture and nature intertwine. The paths meander through the garden and along the way open up various views and experience rooms.
Integreted Art: While entering the process of integrating art in the outdoor space,before the Hospital was actually build, we were able to interwine art with garden and playground, so there would be no real distinction between the three. The Reserch made by Arkitema Landscape Architects during workshops held with professional staff, users and next of kins were the important source of information for deciding what was essential for this open Garden space. Through presentations with models, sketches and reseach material, and an ongoing dialogue our plans were adjusted, to meet all the needs of the different parties, while at the same time sticking to our idea.
In our research we found visual inspiration in avantgarde playgrounds, where artist as us, have found that the playscapes and the children are an essential part of artistic practice.
Materials: Concrete, Tree, Oakbeams, painted steel, sand
Measurement : Variable
Production: in colloboration with Arkitema Landscape, Team KPC, Elverdal, BUUS anlægsgartnere, Sweco,Søren O - Stål & montage and Unika

Photo: Randi & Katrine, Gert Petersen