Permanent Public Art 2021

Site: U plannet, Roof Top garden. U Plannet is situated in Gwangmyong City in Gyeonggi Province, the southwestern outskirts of Seoul, South Korea.
Curatorial Team: Team Factory, Art Director Bora Hong, Project Manager Green Kim, Hye-on Lee, Staff Heeji Yang, Youngeun Kim.
Project: Percent for the Art Program for GwangMyeong U Planet Development
Today’s Weather: is the overall theme of the research and art project, that concluded in 15 new sitespecific artworks integrated in the new urban area U Plannet, of which Forest is one of them.
Production by Designfirm
Material : Stainless Steel, Urethane Paint
Measurements: 6,930(W) x 5,990(D) x 6000(H) 
Photo: Texture on Texture

Forest is a piece of artificial nature situated on the rooftop in the large scale envoronment of the new urban area. Forest provides us with a restful leisurely space, an experience of sharing a place with others, even temporarily, just like in Nature or an urban space under a big tree full of leaves, under the canoby protruding from a building. Forest creates a pattern of similarities and difference in a geometric pattern, and establish a space for people to enjoy together near the main promonade for residents of neighboring apartments. Public art creates a sense of commonality through a kind of shared experience in public places.Todays Weather aims to mediate between the new city and everyday lives of people by creating a commonality of the place through public art, with the hope of broaden our awareness of and open our hearts to the place.