Kofoeds Cigar

Permanent Public Art 2021
Site: Kofoeds Skole, Holmbladsgade 120, 2300 Copenhagen S, DK
Donated by New Carlsberg Foundation
Material : Wood, Cobber, Zinc, glass, Stainless Steel, Urethane Paint, roofing felt, concrete , paving stonesStainless Steel Ashtrays, Lightbulbs 
Measurements: 6,000(W) x 6000(D) x 8100(H) mm Public Access: The public can see Kofoeds Cigar in the courtyard of Kofoeds Skole. daily Public acces from Holmbladsgade Nyrnberggade in the opening hours of Kofoeds Skole.
Production in collaboration with: Jørgen Nielsen Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S, jkm-arkitekster aps, Tegnestuen Svalebæk Aps, Lauritz Hannibal Aps, Gribskovsmeden Aps, Vind & Datter and Toft Kobber
The Cigarbelt was made at The Danish Artworkshops SVFK 

Kofoeds Skole (Kofoeds School) an independent school on Amager in Copenhagen for people who are socially marginalized, has a new smoking place, that is also a work of art. An 8.5-metre-high cigar, complete with band, rolled copper leaves and a glowing tip, combined with indoor smoking facilities, such as chairs, a table and ashtrays. Kofoeds Cigar (Kofoed’s Cigar) is the name of Kofoeds Skole’s new outdoor beacon. "Kofoed's School is located on the edge of Amager's old residential areas and industrial quarter, and then with the new development down towards the water. We think that the school should have a visible landmark that both reaches out towards the city and creates a social space inside the school, and which cherish the colorful and the creativity that Kofoeds Skole contains. When we became aware of how the smokers were missing a place, the idea came for the cigar, which, placed among the chimneys of the area, could become a smoking landmark. The cigar is therefore both a picture of – and provides concrete space for – smoking. Before the alternative smoking space took shape, we , along with the principal Robert Olsen, involved the School´s students in the process. We wanted it to strike a note where the students felt they could relate to the humor of the piece, rather than feeling that we were exposing them for smoking. And as much we wanted to learn from the people, which have their daily life here. And we feel that the pieces achieves that resonance. In the building process we allied we the best craftsmen of different fields to ensure that extra care was put in to every detail of the cigar – that the cigar was well rolled.
For more information: A well-rolled cigar at Kofoeds Skole

Photo: Torben Petersen