Vibegaards Roundchurch

Permanent Public Art Commision 2018

Commissioned by Bornholm City Council
Supported by Brødrene E., S. &A. Larsens Legat
The Commision is 1 of 3 artcommision for 3 consecutive roundartbouts on Ringvejen near Rønne .

Site: Vibegåds Runddel, 3700 Rønne, Bornholm

Materials: Oak Shingles for the roof, mortar, wood and other buildings materials, plantation with wild grass and 8
Measurement : The actual building is approximatily height is 7.6 meters and d 7.3 meters situated on a small hill i the centre of the d 19 meters roundabout.
Production: The Work was made in collaboration with Carpenter Firm Ejvind Nielsen; Bornholm, Vej og Park Bornholsm City Council, and Art consultant at the City Council Louise Krogsriis

Photo: Torben Petersen

copyright Randi & Katrine