Jylland på Jylland

Exhibition "Jylland on Jylland"on The Fregate Jylland

Our 3 sitespecific works was in the group show curated by and with members of Kunstnersammenslutningen Jylland. In The Exhibition the artists of Jylland had created sitespecific works displayed in the entire historic Fregate, which is not normally used for showing contemporary art. The dialogue between the art works and the historic battleship was the central theme of the Exhibiton. Wecreated 3 new piece, which seemed hard to separate from the setting of the shipinterior, which now works as a museum.

Materials: Print on laser cut paper, styrofoam, Cardboard, foam, Ardex, Keim Paint, a variety of seashells and conches, antique lamps and navigation instruments.

Photo:Gert Petersen and Randi & Katrine